Speakers' Podium - Answering Delegate Questions

Jun 13, 2022
by John J. Pagan, MD, Speaker and Todd M. Hertzberg, MD, Vice Speaker

Whether you are a seasoned Delegate or have never attended a Pennsylvania Medical Society House of Delegates (HOD), this October’s Hybrid HOD will a first for everyone. A few of you have asked, “What does hybrid mean in terms of the HOD?” Simply put, delegates will be able to participate either in person or virtually and our goal is for delegates to have similar access and experiences while conducting the business of the House, no matter your location.

Your Speakers hope to deliver as much information as possible and set appropriate expectations as you begin to plan your participation in PAMED’s Hybrid HOD on October 21-22, 2022.  Below, we offer the following topics for your attention as you move into the summer and convening with your County Medical Society, Specialty Society, or Section:

  • Review the HOD 101 to learn about what the House of Delegates is and PAMED’s work.

  • Consider any initiatives you believe the House of Delegates should take up and then review the Policy Compendium to assure that is not already an issue that is undertaken.  Novel initiatives may be proposed by submitting a resolution by July 28.

  • Contact your staff and colleagues at your County/Specialty Society or Section to learn of their timeline and any processes/procedures unique to them.

The current draft HOD 2022 calendar can be viewed on the HOD page, and the HOD site will be updated as information becomes available. We encourage you to bookmark the page and sign up for HOD alerts if you have not already done so. (If you received them last year you will continue to receive them.)

The success of the House of Delegates requires thoughtful preparation and engagement of every delegate. Thank you in advance for commitment to your patients and improving how medicine is practiced in Pennsylvania.

Please share any questionsthat remain after reviewing the above.  We will compile common questions into an FAQ to help you and others get the most out of our HOD.