Speakers' Podium - Thank You

Nov 01, 2021
by John J. Pagan, MD, Speaker and Todd M. Hertzberg, MD, Vice Speaker

Thanks to all our Delegates, Trustees, Officers, Members and Staff for another successful PAMED House on Saturday October 30th.  Despite being virtual, we had more participants than we typically have when live at Hershey and were able to debate and decide a wide range of topics.  We applaud the professionalism and courtesy of all in discussing the challenges and solutions that face our Society.

The success of this meeting was due to your preparation and the dedication of our fellow physicians that were instrumental in planning the 2021 HOD including our Speakers’ Advisory Panel, AMA Nominating Committee, Bylaws Committee, Tellers, 2021 Reference Committee, Rules and Credentials Committee, and the Motivators in our Friday night virtual Social.  These hundreds of collective hours were donated by so many doctors that believe in PAMED and wanted to make sure that your input was heard.   Of course, PAMED Staff makes it all happen behind the scenes with highlights this year of a new functional and informative HOD website and collaborative work with components to get almost 95% of our busy doctors scheduled and credentialed to participate last weekend.

Remote elections through the Election-Buddy platform were again smooth and congratulations to all candidates for the courage and willingness to donate their time and talents for the benefit of PAMED.  The Society and all Pennsylvania doctors are better for having the difficult choice from so many qualified physicians.

Our Board of Trustees will now take forward the decisions from this House and with PAMED staff begin to incorporate these policies and actions into our PAMED strategy.  Items referred to the Board will garner additional input and study with further actions this year and reports on  that will come back to our House in 2022.  Please remember that as Delegates you serve as conduits of information for the constituents you serve not only on one weekend but throughout the year.  A current list of Delegates and updated contact information is critical for effective communication to and from PAMED Components all year long. 

We have reserved our usual space in October 2022 for our next PAMED Annual Meeting in the anticipated post COVID world.  We will apply several of the valued lessons learned this year to making our next meeting even better.  Looking forward to that long awaited time to meet again in Hershey and to your suggestions in your HOD Survey.