CMOs & Senior-Level Physician Leadership Series

Event Dates: April 27, 2018 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM

Address: 777 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA, United States

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This Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) leadership series — designed for both practice and hospital-based senior-level physician leaders (CMOs, VPs, Chiefs of Medical Staff, Practice Partners or Owners, etc.) — identifies best practices and strategies you can implement to resolve challenges, while enhancing your leadership skills and networking with peers.
You'll work with national experts to use real-world scenarios, case-based discussions, and reflective problem solving to hone your skills, identify potential solutions, and improve your own patient care environment.

April 27 Event

Health Care Industry Consolidation: Impact on Physician Executives

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We've experienced more than a decade of accelerated health care industry consolidation, with no signs that the trend is slowing down. Vertical, horizontal and "interspecies" consolidation has become a critical element in most organizations' strategic planning. These activities have created stressful change but also valuable opportunities for administrators and physician executives. This session will  address the following issues:
  1. Current trends in industry consolidation.
  2. The drivers and predicting the "winners and losers"
  3. Your new tribe and the impact on culture and strategy
  4. Personal analysis for Physician Leaders
  5. Developing your new organizational role
    • Finding the Right Fit
    • Influence vs. Authority
    • 3-Dimensional Management and Leadership
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