PALS Renewal Reminders & BPOA Renewal Guide

PAMED members can learn how to renew their medical license through the Pa. Department of State's online PALS online site in this video tutorial.

License renewals are now underway on the Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS) for Pennsylvania physicians. MDs must renew their licenses by Dec. 31. The renewal deadline for DOs was Oct. 31.

Here are a few reminders to assist you in renewing your medical license through PALS.
  • Renewal Notice All licensees should have received a renewal notice through email that includes instructions on how to access PALS and a registration code. These notices were emailed to MDs on Oct. 1 and DOs on Sept. 5. Paper notices were also mailed to licensees. If you cannot find this notice, check all folders (including spam) in your inbox. Note that you can recover your registration code, update your email address, recover your username, and reset your password here.
  • Renewal Questions Carefully review all instructions and renewal questions. It is crucial that you review renewal questions carefully and answer correctly. Any discrepancy in your answers or missing information from your submittal can delay the processing of your renewal. Note that you can make changes to your renewal application at any time prior to making payment and hitting the submit button on PALS. You can also save your application at any point prior to submittal.
  • Discrepancies – A notice will be emailed to you if there are any discrepancies with your renewal application. If you receive a discrepancy notice, the processing of your renewal will be put on hold until the discrepancy is resolved. It is recommended that you check all folders in your email inbox for any correspondences from PALS and resolve discrepancies timely to avoid further delays in the processing of your renewal.
  • CME Requirements Before renewing your license, you must complete all of your continuing medical education (CME) requirements. For information on CME requirements, see PAMED’s FAQs on State CME Licensure Requirements for MDs and DOs.
  • Supporting Documents – Certain renewal questions on PALS require the uploading of supporting documents. If you answer yes to any legal question on PALS, supporting documents related to the matter must be uploaded. If you answer no to the renewal question regarding medical professional liability insurance, a statement on why you do not carry or why you believe you are exempt from needing liability insurance must be uploaded.
  • Renewal Fees The renewal fee for MDs is $360 and $220 for DOs. Renewal fees must be paid online through PALS. Licensees can pay using a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover Card. Checks are no longer accepted.
  • Renew Early To avoid any lapse in your licensing, it is recommended that you complete your renewal application on PALS in advance of your licensure deadline. Remember that your license is not considered renewed until it is reviewed by your licensure board and you receive official notification of renewal.

PALS Resources & Support

The Pennsylvania Department of State’s (DOS) Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs (BPOA) has released a Renewal Guide for MDs and DOs. This renewal guide can be accessed here.  

The PALS Support Page provides answers to FAQs on PALS issues. For specific issues not covered in these FAQs, PALS users can submit a PALS help desk ticket here.  

Licensees can also contact BPOA at (717) 787-8503 for PALS support. Listen closely to the prompts and choose the option that best summarizes your PALS issue(s). 

Where can I find more information?

The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) also has numerous resources to assist with physician licensure and renewal questions:

  • Answers to members’ FAQs on PALS renewals can be accessed here.
  • PAMED’s wealth of CME courses can be found here.
  • Additional PAMED resources on licensure requirements can be accessed here.

PAMED thanks BPOA for their assistance and looks forward to continued cooperation.  We will continue to monitor the implementation of the PALS system and share updates with PAMED members.

PAMED members with questions can also contact our KnowledgeCenter at 855-PAMED4U (855-726-3348) or


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  1. PAMEDStaff | Dec 28, 2018

    Dr Macek


    Thanks for your comments.  Your license was actually renewed on 12/21/2018 per the BPOA website.  Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. Anne L. Macek | Dec 21, 2018
    The PALS website is not user-friendly at all. "Inactivate License" was highlighted like they were steering me in that direction. I ignored that section and luckily made it through to the end. Payment was accepted which is always a good sign. I did receive a follow-up message that I must sign-up for PDMP, even though I'm active-retired with no DEA. I'm a little nervous that the child abuse training from 2016 was pre-populated on the form (not sure how it got there) but not the recent training from 2018.
  3. Dilip K. Elangbam | Dec 20, 2018

    Trying to complete renewal license. Directed to go to dash board for "professional license details". To my surprise there is no such a thing on the dash board. Started survey  and will stop at item 24j, and would not advance. There was no unanswered questions. I tried at least 10 times in 2 days. Sent a message to PALS and I spoke to an agent, he had no clue. Did not even offer any help. Tough luck! Well, I am going to Harrisburg to renew my license, closing my office. I wish we did not have to renew every 2 years.

  4. PAMEDStaff | Nov 16, 2018


    Dr Godla,

    We are hearing that occasionally physicians cannot complete their credit card processing transaction on the PALS online license renewal system.  If so, be sure to click on the box which provides your agreement that no refunds will be issued by the State on the renewal fees.  Doing so should complete the transaction and begin the renewal process.     

    If that is not the issue, you might consider reviewing the instructional video above which has just recently been provided by PALS.

    Thank you for your membership! 

  5. Gregory J. Godla | Nov 16, 2018
    Have been trying to renew license for 10 days now, website keeps freezing up and won't complete the transaction.  Have emailed and called the PALS help desk, still waiting for someone to help.  What an awful system!

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