Did You Get a CARES Act Provider Relief Payment? Here’s What You Need to Know about Submitting a Spending Report

Last Updated: Feb 8, 2021


The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act included $175 billion allocated for Provider Relief Fund (PRF) payments to hospitals and health care practitioners.

While the payments are not loans and do not need to be repaid, recipients must comply with PRF terms and conditions in order to keep the funds. Providers that received one or more payments exceeding $10,000 total will be required to submit spending reports to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

After some delays, the PRF reporting portal is open for registration, not reporting. Currently, there is no deadline for completing registration in the portal. Once registered, recipients will receive an email notification about submitting required reports at a later date.

Who is required to report?

Providers that receive PRF payments exceeding $10,000 in aggregate are required to report their use of funds. Reporting requirements do not apply to funds received from:

  • Nursing Home Infection Control distribution
  • Rural Health Clinic testing distribution
  • Claims reimbursement for Testing, Treatment and Vaccine Administration for the Uninsured Program

What information will recipients be required to report?

HHS says these are the data elements that will be required for reporting:

    • Demographic Information
    • Interest Earned on PRF Payment
    • Expenses Attributable to Coronavirus Not Reimbursed by Other Sources (2020 Only)
    • Lost Revenues Attributable to Coronavirus
    • Additional data (including staffing metrics, change in ownership if applicable, and other assistance received) 

    For additional details on the data elements, review HHS’s post-payment reporting requirements document, revised on Jan. 15.

    Additional Resources

    View HHS’ resources for more information:

    PAMED members with questions can contact our Knowledge Center at 800-228-7823 or KnowledgeCenter@pamedsoc.org



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