A Closer Look at Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program Updates from May 2018

Last Updated: May 16, 2018

By Michael D.I. Siget, JD, MPA, PAMED's Legislative & Regulatory Counsel

On May 12, 2018, the Department of Health (DOH) issued changes to Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program through a notice published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin. This notice effectuated recommendations made to the Secretary of Health (Secretary) by the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board (Advisory Board). 

Under the Medical Marijuana Act, the Advisory Board was authorized to issue a written report to the Governor and the General Assembly. The written report was required to include recommendations and findings regarding:

  1. Whether to change the types of medical professionals who can issue certifications to patients;
  2. Whether to change, add or reduce the types of medical conditions which qualify as serious medical conditions under the act;
  3. Whether to change the form of medical marijuana permitted under the act;
  4. Whether to change, add or reduce the number of growers/processors or dispensaries.
  5. How to ensure affordable patient access to medical marijuana; and
  6. Whether to permit medical marijuana to be dispensed in dry leaf or plant form, for administration by vaporization. 

Based upon this written report, the Secretary could adopt any of the recommendations through promulgation of regulations by DOH. In addition to changes to the medical marijuana program in general, changes were made to how physicians will practice under this program.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society’s (PAMED) Quick Consult fact sheet updates practitioners participating in the medical marijuana program as to the changes that have been adopted.

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For more PAMED resources on medical marijuana, visit www.pamedsoc.org/medmarijuana.

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