10 Ways for Physicians to Be a Part of Teen Health Week

Last Updated: Jan 4, 2018

Do you have educational materials that you have been meaning to share with your teen patients?

Do you know of a good online resource that you wish your teen patients would go to rather than to Wikipedia?

Dr-Laura-OffuttIs there a health issue affecting your teen patients that you feel like the press just doesn't understand?

Do you have some snappy lime green clothing and never any chance to sport it?

Well, these are all things you already have in your back pocket that work for Teen Health Week.  

Teen Health Week is an annual week-long designation to raise the profile of adolescent health. First celebrated in Pennsylvania in 2016, Teen Health Week will be celebrated globally for the first time from March 18-24, 2018.     


      Learn more about Teen Health Week and how you can participate.

Pennsylvania physicians are enthusiastic about such a week focusing on adolescents, but a common question is "How can we participate?" Here are 10 simple things you can do to be a part of this global initiative:

  1. Wear lime green throughout the week to show support for adolescent health. Share pictures on social media using #2018teenhealth.
  2. Share online health resources that you would like your adolescent patients (or their parents) to utilize. Place this information, printed on lime green paper, in your waiting or exam rooms.
  3. Share educational materials that your practice regularly uses with a local school. Promote your own practice's involvement in Teen Health Week with these materials by using pre-made Teen Health Week logos or lime green paper.
  4. Contact a school or youth-based organization in your community to make them aware that you or your practice supports Teen Health Week. Encourage them to participate in March, letting them know that toolkits are available to help them.
  5. If your hospital, health system, or practice utilizes social media, share social media posts from the toolkits with teen health facts each day of the week. You can copy and paste them right into your social media posts. Use #2018teenhealth.
  6. Purchase lime green bandages, toothbrushes, or other inexpensive lime green items to provide to adolescent patients during Teen Health Week.
  7. If you are politically active, contact one of your representatives about Teen Health Week, and to voice your expert opinion on an adolescent health issue that government policy directly impacts.
  8. Specialists are encouraged to take part in Teen Health Week. For instance, dermatologists can share information about acne or use the week to educate teens about the dangers of tanning beds.
  9. Announce your plans to do something to mark the week so that you can be added to our map at teenhealthweek.org. Promote your practice's plan to celebrate the week in your community.
  10. Bookmark the Teen Health Week website (teenhealthweek.org). Here you can download one or more of our toolkits for additional ideas and inspiration. Each toolkit contains activities, social media posts, and other resources.
    • There is a Communications Guide with text you can use for any communications you wish to create. Additionally, you can download logos for the week, for each day's theme, and for Facebook events.
    • Please feel free to use any and all of these materials without prior approval. 
    • You can even purchase an official Teen Health Week shirt in the event that you or your staff have nothing lime green to wear. T-shirts also make great prizes or giveaways for teen patients or family.

You can see that you can be a part of Teen Health Week with minimal effort. Collectively, we can make a huge impact by elevating awareness of adolescent health issues.

Our teens are really touched when they see their communities demonstrating so clearly that we value their well-being. When we show our teens that we really care about their health, they in turn care more about their own health.

For more information, toolkits, the Teen Health Week global map, participation survey and more, go to teenhealthweek.org and follow along on social media with #2018teenhealth.

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