PAMED Physician Leaders Meet to Address Latest Health Care Issues Affecting Pennsylvania

Last Updated: May 10, 2018

Mike-ReganPennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) and state specialty society physician leaders gathered in Harrisburg for a Board of Trustees meeting held on May 8-9, 2018. They addressed health care issues impacting physicians and patients in the state, including current scope of practice bills and insurer practices like prior authorization.

The meeting featured a visit from State Senator Mike Regan (R-District 31), a member of the Pa. Senate Consumer Protection & Licensure Committee. Sen. Regan grew up in a household where physicians were held in high esteem and describes himself as “pro-doctor.”

When his sister was born with heart problems and other congenital conditions, her life was saved due to the care and surgical intervention provided by physicians. As a legislator, Sen. Regan has been supportive of PAMED’s initiatives to support physician-led, team-based care that emphasizes increased coordination over provider autonomy.

During the meeting, PAMED leaders also agreed to work with state specialty societies in these advocacy efforts:

  • PAMED will encourage the Board of Medicine as it develops regulations to implement Act 128 of 2016, The Naturopathic Doctor Registration Act, to adhere to the intent of the law and limit the regulations to the requirements and process for naturopaths.
  • Oppose a proposal to set provider reimbursement at 150 percent of Medicare for out-of-network bills—This proposal was suggested at a stakeholder meeting held in April concerning House Bill 1553.

Jaan Sidorov, MD, CEO of PAMED’s Care Centered Collaborative also shared the Collaborative’s latest quarterly update. To learn more about its work to develop clinically integrated networks (CINs) of physicians as well as other initiatives, get the Collaborative’s 2018 second quarter update here.

Additional Resources

Visit PAMED’s Board of Trustees page here for minutes from past meetings. And, to get details on PAMED’s ongoing advocacy initiatives at

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