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The Medical Society uses the review of a provider’s performance in practice, as seen in materials from CME activity files, to verify that the provider meets Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and Medical Society expectations.

Helpful Tips

  • Use materials developed for the activity to demonstrate compliance. Do not generate new or additional documentation.
  • If you include email communications or meeting minutes, highlight the items relevant to the label(s).
  • Signed written agreements should be grouped with a list of commercial supporters if commercial support was received for an activity.
  • Blank forms or blank checklists do not verify performance in practice.

Selecting activities for review

The Pennsylvania Medical Society will select a list of activities for review from tables one and two of the self study.

Providers will be notified via email of the activities that have been selected for review. They represent samples from throughout your accreditation term and among the types of your activities.

If an organization produces enduring materials, journal CME, or Internet CME activities, a copy of the CME product must be available for activity file review.

Keep in mind:

  • Providers must demonstrate performance in practice for all activities selected for documentation review. The Medical Society survey team and provider can agree to allow evidence from an additional activity of the provider’s choosing if the selected sample does not capture best practices or accurately reflect the CME program. Please contact Medical Society CME staff for details. 
  • If there is an error, such as incorrect date or format, in the list of selected activities, please notify Medical Society CME staff.

Preparing activity file materials

Providers have a choice between using the performance-in-practice abstract or the activity file documentation review labels to “show” the surveyors evidence of compliance with the criteria during activity planning and implementation.

If using the activity file documentation review labels: For each file, use the labels to identify the documentation that demonstrates compliance with the criteria indicated on the labels. You can use more than one label if a document satisfies multiple criteria. You can use a label more than once if more than one document satisfies a criteria.

  1. Download the labels and print them on white or colored Avery standard file folder labels No. 5266. 
  2. Place label(s) on the top, bottom, or side margins of the document. 
  3. Place all labeled compliance evidence in the front of the activity file.

If you have unlabeled documentation that you feel the surveyor should review, place this information near the front of the file with a note.

If using the structured abstract:

  1. Complete one form for each activity.
  2. Follow the instructions on the form and provide required attachments as instructed.

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