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What is a resolution?

REMINDER: This year's Resolution deadline is SEPT.14

If you have questions or wish to submit a resoultion, contact Ellen Yasinski at 717-909-2605

During the annual meeting, physician members from all over the state will review, debate, and vote on a variety of resolutions that have been submitted for consideration.

The House of Delegates sets PAMED policy through resolutions and reports. Approximately 300 voting delegates deliberate these resolutions and elect trustees and officers each October.

Delegates include representatives from county medical societies, specialty societies, and PAMED’s special membership sections (medical students, residents and fellows, and young physicians).

A resolution has two basic parts: the “preamble” and the “whereas” sections.

In the preamble, the author explains the rationale for what is being asked of PAMED. In the “whereas” section, the author states what PAMED should do about it.

Every resolution has required elements, such as a primary author, a specific dollar amount if funds are required, and a title.


Voting delegates may submit them either as individuals, or on behalf of their county medical society, specialty society, or section – the Residents and Fellows Section, Medical School Section, Young Physicians Section, or International Medical Graduates Section.

Deadlines for submitting resolutions vary, depending on who is submitting them, on whose behalf, and why. In general, they must be submitted 30 days prior to the meeting of the House. Resolutions received after that date will be posted on the website prior to the meeting, as feasible.

These resolutions will require a two-thirds favorable vote of the House at the opening session to be accepted as House business. A “late” resolution can be delivered to the Control Desk during the meeting, but the committee on Rules and Credentials reviews late resolutions and makes recommendations to the House regarding their acceptance.

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