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How Do New Laws Impact Physician Responsibilities With PA’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program?

By Michael D.I. Siget, JD, MPA, Legislative and Regulatory Counsel, PAMED

On Nov. 2, 2016, Gov. Wolf signed four pieces of legislation into law that updated the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) law and also set certain prescribing practices for opioids and benzodiazepines.

The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) has received questions and requests for clarification regarding prescriber responsibilities under these new laws and how they differ from the original PDMP law known as Act 191.

PAMED answers your questions in our latest Quick Consult. Click here or click the blue box below to read. The questions are divided up into sections related to each of the four new laws for easy reference.

Previous articles about the PDMP system and opioid-related topics can be accessed on PAMED's website here and here. The Department of Health's PDMP website can be accessed here.

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