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Dept. of Health Seeks Physician Feedback on Pa.’s Medical Marijuana Program

Physicians licensed in Pennsylvania have two opportunities to share feedback on the Medical Marijuana Program with the state's Department of Health (DOH):

  1. Review the state's new proposed regulations for practitioners in the medical marijuana program here and then submit any comments on the regulations using this online form by April 20, 2017.
  2. Complete the DOH's survey which allows physicians to indicate their interest in becoming a recommending practioner in the program and offers physicians a chance to register to receive email updates. Take the Survey

The DOH has also developed a Medical Marijuana Physician Workgroup, which includes a Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) representative. The group has made recommendations on issues like training for physicians.

Additional Medical Marijuana Program Updates

Since Gov. Wolf signed the Medical Marijuana Act into law on April 17, 2016, DOH has developed the following temporary regulations for the program:

  • Safe Harbor Provision — Clarifies requirements regarding a parent or guardian of a minor under 18 years of age lawfully obtaining medical marijuana from another state, U.S. territory, or any other country to be administered to the minor.
  • Growers and processors—Addresses financial, legal, and operational requirements for individuals seeking to be considered for a grower/processer permit, as well as where the facilities can be located. Also includes details such the creation of an electronic tracking system, disposal processes, and recall of medical marijuana.
  • Dispensaries—Outlines the financial, legal, and operational requirements needed by an individual to be considered for a grower/processor permit, as well as where the facilities can be located.
  • Laboratories—Regulates laboratories that will test medical marijuana. Includes protocols for sample selection, testing, and result reporting; quality assurance programs; and how laboratories will report results to DOH.

    Note: Laboratory regulations prevent the following individuals from having a management or a direct or indirect financial or other ownership interest in an approved laboratory: (1) a principal, owner, financial backer, or employee of a medical marjuana organization (2) a practitioner (i.e., a physician included in the registry who is authorized to issue certifications to patients to use medical marijuana) (3) a physician, pharmacist, physician assistant, or certified registered nurse practitioner who is currently employed by a medical marijuana organization (4) any other person, other than a patient, who may receive a direct or indirect financial benefit from the growing, processing, transporting, dispensing, or selling of medical marijuana.

DOH offers more details on the program— including the state's progress on processing permit applications for growers/processors and dispensaries online here.

Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) Resources

PAMED's Quick Consult publications answer physician and patient questions on the Medical Marijuana Program, including the Safe Harbor Provision. Access them here.

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