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Who Is Entitled to Mcare Refund Payments Outside the Settlement Agreement?

PLEASE NOTE: The claim, assignment, and choice process ended on April 16, 2016. The information provided on this page is for historical reference only.

​​What are your legal options if your employer says you must turn over your Mcare refund for an assessment it paid on your behalf? While you as a physician control how Mcare will pay refunds for your Mcare coverage, the settlement could not change any rights to the refund that your employer or someone else who paid the assessment for you may have to the refund.

Some of these issues were addressed by Michael Cassidy, Esq., a Pittsburgh-based attorney from Tucker Arensberg, PC, during an event Nov. 19 at the Allegheny County Medical Society. The video below is an excerpt of that event.

PAMED cannot provide legal advice. Physicians seeking such advice should consult their attorney.



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