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ABMS Launches Initiative to Review Maintenance of Certification Process

On Sept. 27, the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) announced that it and 24 Member Boards have launched an initiative to review the continuing board certification process – also known as maintenance of certification (MOC) – for physicians.

ABMS has shared these details about the initiative, which is expected to take approximately 12-15 months:

  • Its planning committee will construct a 21-25 commission membership, which will include members from organizations like ABMS as well as public members.
  • The first phase of the process will involve a comprehensive assessment of the current continuing board certification system. The commission will obtain feedback from stakeholders via various methods, including a national survey.
  • The commission will hold hearings, share information with the public, and test and seek feedback on concepts and ideas during the process.
  • Final recommendations will be submitted to ABMS and its Member Boards for consideration and implementation.

Read ABMS' press release here.

Additional Resources

PAMED has taken a national leadership role to ensure a fairer Maintenance of Certification (MOC) process for all physicians. Learn more here.

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