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Pa. Rep. Mark Mustio Talks Health Care Legislation with PAMED and Medical Specialty Physician Leaders

Pennsylvania Rep. Mark Mustio (R-44th District) understands how passionately physicians take their profession and their responsibility to patients. He shared that message when he met with Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) and state specialty society physician leaders in Harrisburg on May 16, 2017.

Rep. Mustio is the Chair of the House Professional Licensure Committee, where many bills with an impact on Pennsylvania health care are considered each legislative session. His focus as a committee chair is on "cutting through the noise" and ensuring that he makes decisions based on facts. He encourages physicians to reach out to legislators, and he engaged the physicians in attendance in a dialogue about health care issues, including CRNP independent practice.

Following Rep. Mustio's visit, PAMED's Board of Trustees met in Harrisburg on May 16-17. Here are some highlights of the issues they discussed:

  • The Board of Trustees voted to collaborate with PAMED's Specialty Leadership Cabinet on advocacy regarding the following issues:
    • Right to try legislation—Work with the Pennsylvania Society of Oncology and Hematology (PSOH) and other specialty organizations to oppose the passage of legislation that would provide for the use of investigational drugs, biological products, and medical devices terminally ill patients without adequate oversight by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
    • Pharmacy authority to administer injectable medications, biologicals, and immunizations—Work with PSOH and other specialty organizations to oppose the passage of legislation that would extend the authority to pharmacists and pharmacy interns to administer injectable medications, biologicals, and immunizations to persons who are more than nine years of age by injectable or needle-free delivery methods.
    • Involuntary commitment for individuals in need of substance use treatment—Work with the Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society (PaPS); Pennsylvania College of Emergency Physicians (PACEP); and other specialty organizations to oppose proposed legislation and policy initiatives that seek to mandate involuntary commitment under the Mental Health Procedures Act for any individuals presenting in an emergency setting for a drug overdose or in need of more intensive substance use treatment.
  • Maintenance of Certification (MOC)—Physician leaders discussed strategies and pathways for PAMED to continue to lead the fight for a fairer MOC process for all physicians. Learn more about PAMED's advocacy efforts on MOC here.
  • Addressing the Opioid Abuse Crisis—John Gallagher, MD, chair of PAMED's Opioid Advisory Task Force, advised the Board about PAMED's recent meeting with Attorney General Josh Shapiro regarding ways PAMED can collaborate with the Attorney General's office to combat opioid abuse. Once next steps are identified, we will share details with members. Learn about PAMED's advocacy on opioid abuse at

For all the latest updates on PAMED's current advocacy initiatives, visit

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