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Welcome Delegates! Now what?

First Things First: Register

As soon as you arrive at the Hershey Lodge we recommend you find the registration table in the Chocolate Lobby. You'll receive your badge a pocket schedule and other important material. We advise this for attendees who are delegates (aka voting members of the House of Delegates) and non-delegates (those attending educational sessions and social functions).

If you are staying at the Hershey Lodge you must check in to your rooms at a separate location (the front lobby as the virtual video tour below shows.

What Are Delegates Required to Attend?

Your responsibilities as a delegate begin at 7 AM Saturday with your district or section’s caucus meeting. Those meetings are on the lower level of the hotel. You also need to attend the House of Delegates sessions Saturday and Sunday mornings – this is the Aztec/Nigerian room located just outside the Chocolate Lobby.

Finally you need to vote for trustees and AMA leadership positions on Saturday. PAMED has a new e-voting system in 2017.

You will vote on resolutions at the Sunday morning House session.

If you’re new to the role of delegate there are several technical procedures that you’ll need to navigate. Don’t be afraid to ask veteran delegates or staff if you have questions.

What Can Non-Delegates Attend?

Hopefully you’ve registered for the educational sessions, which take place Friday. Non-delegates are not typically allowed to participate in caucus meetings but are encouraged to attend Saturday afternoon reference committee meetings.

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