Plan Your Career in Primary Care at PAMED’s First Career Day

Need help planning your career in primary care? Have you ever wondered why primary care physicians chose their specialty?

Join us for the first Primary Care Career Day being held on April 16, 2013, from 10 AM – 5 PM at the Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) offices in Harrisburg in conjunction with the PAMED's Advocacy Day.

At this free event, a panel of primary care physicians will discuss topics of interest to medical students as they look toward planning their future, such as:

  • Why specialize in primary care?
  • Financing the interview process
  • Planning your financial future as a primary care physician
  • Writing a successful CV and personal statement
  • Successful interviewing tips and techniques
  • Recognizing and preventing medical student impairment and what help is available

Plan your career in primary care—Register now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to join other Pennsylvania medical students to meet with primary care residency programs from across the state  and have your questions answered by primary care physicians.

This event is being held by PAMED, in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Chapter of American College of Physicians, the Pennsylvania Academy of Family Physicians, and the Pennsylvania Chapter of the America Academy of Pediatrics.

PAMED's offices are located at 777 E. Park Dr., Harrisburg.

Last Updated: 2/27/2013

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