Coming Soon: A New PAMED Website to Put Information Right at Your Fingertips

The things you use will soon be easier to find on our website,

You stock your exam rooms with commonly used items – BP monitor, swabs, otoscope, tongue depressors– so they’re quick and easy to find. A website is sort of like an exam room. You want tools and information at your fingertips, easy to locate when you need them.

Coming soon, you'll see a reorganized website. It will be designed so you can easily access the features used most.

Our website analytics tell us that our members want:
  • CME to meet patient safety and risk management requirements
  • Practice management tools like medical records copying fee charts and Medicare coding tips
  • Grassroots advocacy information and easy ways to contact legislators
That’s why you’ll soon find these three subject areas along the right side of the website on every page.

We’re also reorganizing our website topics to make it more natural and intuitive to sort through our rich content.

And under “PAMED Community” you’ll find links to our subsidiaries, sections, endorsed vendors, and other affiliates.

Come back and check out the new website next week!

Last Updated: 3/7/2013

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